Approach to Peacemaking

The In Transformation Initiative approach is premised on the philosophy that lasting solutions to conflict and political instability must be designed and developed domestically. Agreements and actions must evolve locally; they cannot be prescribed by external actors. This philosophy ensures ownership and sustainability, and offers the greatest chances for peace and prosperity.

Our belief in and commitment to this approach is informed by the principles and processes that contributed to the peaceful transition in South Africa. The South African journey was based on Trust, Inclusiveness and Ownership. These three concepts were critical to advancing democracy and strengthening society, and they are the fundamental pillars of our work.

Today, more than twenty years since the inception of the negotiating process, the South African experience serves as a valuable model. We have learned as much from the successes as from the missteps made at the time, and we apply these lessons to benefit people and places around the world.

Our role, therefore, is to help identify opportunities, expose potential pitfalls, and provide counsel to local leaders who seek an end to conflict and a beginning to peaceful, democratic transformation.