The In Transformation Initiative (ITI) was established in 2013 as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) by four veterans of the South African transition to democracy. These founding Directors played key roles in the strategy, discussions, and negotiations that ended apartheid and transformed South Africa into an international model of peace and hope. The direct involvement in the South African transition and the lessons learnt from this experience by these founding Directors resulted in them being regularly called upon to assist in areas of the globe that are experiencing conflict or are in the process of transition.

ITI was set up to assist and support peace-making processes in countries in various stages of transition by drawing from the South African experience. As more and more requests have been received to support various transitional processes across the globe, the ITI team has grown, with now a total of 10 Directors. The varied experiences and expertise of these Directors in such diverse areas like conflict management, democracy strengthening, dialogue facilitation, guiding political transition processes, governance and institutional capacity process amongst others, has led to ITI being called upon by governments, political and civic actors, international organisations, and individuals throughout the world to support and advise on the creation of peaceful and lasting solutions. 

Over the years, the diverse contexts that ITI has and continues to support include: Central African Republic, Colombia, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Spain (in the Basque region), Bahrain, Myanmar, India (on the Naga question), to name but a few. 
In the realisation that transitioning to democracy is only but a part of the journey, ITI continues to support democracy strengthening in South Africa through facilitating processes that help to build a more inclusive and cohesive society. We engage with business, academics, government and political actors in South Africa in advancing the cause of democracy including helping to build a more inclusive and cohesive society.

The In Transformation Initiative approach is premised on the philosophy that lasting
solutions to conflict and political instability must be designed and developed
domestically. Agreements and actions must evolve locally; they cannot be prescribed
by external actors. This philosophy ensures ownership and sustainability, and offers
the greatest chance for peace and prosperity.

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P Hwenha +27 (0)78 521 6208


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