Malcom Ferguson- a tribute to him following his passing on 10 March 2023

Malcolm Ferguson set an extraordinary example after his retirement from public duty. He became deeply aware of the need for empowering emerging farmers and thoroughly engaged in practical ways to open opportunities for new farmers.

He firstly joined an initiative to consult broadly with commercial farmers to ensure their involvement. This initiative led to the establishing of the Agricultural Development Agency as a private member organisation consisting of all major agricultural institutions and individuals. Malcolm was a founding member of the Agency.

He further participated in the development of the Agency’s work by launching several projects in its name. It was indeed on the return from field work with one of these projects in Limpopo when the accident that claimed his life occurred.

Malcolm made so many friends and fans with the commitment and dedication he showed during the last six years in this particular area. The messages received from around the country after the tragic news of his death confirmed the admiration and love people had for him.

With great respect and appreciation to him-Roelf Meyer

Malcolm Ferguson tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident in Limpopo on 10 March 2023. Our condolences go out to his wife and children at this difficult time.

Malcom Ferguson- a tribute to him following his passing on 10 March 2023
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