Malcom Ferguson- a tribute to him following his passing on 10 March 2023

Malcolm Ferguson set an extraordinary example after his retirement from public duty. He became deeply aware of the need for empowering emerging farmers and thoroughly engaged in practical ways to open opportunities for new farmers. He firstly joined an initiative to consult broadly with commercial farmers to ensure their involvement. This initiative led to the […]

Political stability and emerging issues in 2023: A Sweep of the SADC Region

The SADC regional bloc while it continues to work towards entrenching democratic values and principles in its member states, is at the same time experiencing conflict and stability challenges in some of its member states that have the potential to threaten the peace and stability of the region at large. Eswatini and dialogue prospects The […]

Lessons from South Africa: Moving Past Polarization and Intense Division in America

At this time, America seems to be faced with immense polarization on many fronts and there may be several lessons to be learned from other countries that have in the past, faces similar challenges, including South Africa. From 24 to 30 January 2023, ITI Directors, Roelf Meyer and Mohammed Bhabha traveled to several cities in […]

Democracy Outlook for SADC Region

The SADC region which is currently emerging from the strict measures to contain COVID-19, continues to grapple and be plagued by challenges of governance, democracy consolidation, security challenges and nation-building in its various states. The maturation of democracy in the region has been neither uniform nor straightforward with a mix of false starts, stalled transitions […]

ITI supporting peacebuilding in Myanmar

The In Transformation Initiative’s (ITI) s work in the Rakhine state of Myanmar stretches back to 2018 when a number of fact-finding missions established the viability of supporting inter-community dialogue in the wake of events that had caught the attention of the world. The initial aim was to start in Maungdaw, Rakhine State, which in […]

WATERBERG – Conservation on a Grand Scale

As the world searches for environmental success stories, the Waterberg stands out because of its scale and potential to be a benchmark for modern conservation initiatives. The 1 600 000-acre Waterberg plateau northwest of Gauteng was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2001. Pasture and farmland, once suffering from poor soil and overgrazing, is increasingly […]

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