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Lessons from South Africa: Moving Past Polarization and Intense Division in America

At this time, America seems to be faced with immense polarization on many fronts and there may be several lessons to be learned from other countries that have in the past, faces similar challenges, including South Africa. From 24 to 30 January 2023, ITI Directors, Roelf Meyer and Mohammed Bhabha traveled to several cities in […]

South Africa’s Future: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – SA Scenarios OP-ED

The Brenthurst Foundation and the In Transformation Initiative (ITI) hosted a presentation on research into South Africa’s possible futures, entitled “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Scenarios for South Africa. The presentations were delivered on 13 December 2022 by Dr Greg Mills, director of The Brenthurst Foundation and Roelf Meyer, director of ITI. The […]

The South African Experience of conflict resolution: Insights for the Palestinian Case, 5th -12th October

Jordan Morgan, Middle East Programme Director, facilitated the visit of Roelf Meyer and Mohammed Bhabha to meet with diverse Palestinian leaders in: Nazareth (6th October), Nablus (6th October), Gaza (7th-10th October), Hebron (10th October) and Jerusalem (11th October). As Chief Negotiator for the National Party Government, Roelf was intimately involved in the settlement of the South African conflict. Together with his counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa, Chief […]

CAR learning visits to SA inform country’s peace process

The Central African Republic (CAR) has been plagued by a political and insecurity crisis for years, which has weakened state institutions, undermined basic social and economic structures, and created tension between the country’s social and religious communities. Having been plagued by a long history of political coups, the regime change of March of 2013, has […]

Waterberg Leadership Collaboration Training Programme Graduation Day: Participants celebrate achievements and impact of training programme

To showcase and discuss some of the work and achievements that participants accomplished during the Waterberg Leadership Collaboration Training Programme from August to September this year, the In Transformation Initiative (ITI) in collaboration with the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) hosted a graduation day on 17 November 2021. The fitting setting for this ceremony was the […]

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