Statement by In Transformation Initiative (ITI) on the passing of Ebrahim Ebrahim

This morning, the ITI board was extremely saddened by the news of the demise of our colleague, friend, and mentor, Ebrahim (Ebie) Ebrahim.

Over the past few months, his illness made us aware of his declining heath, but his passing still came as a shock.

Ebie, ITI was privileged to have shared you with your wife Shannon and your children Sarah and Kadin since its launch in 2013.  We are very grateful for the time that we could work with you in different parts of the world and in South Africa. Your quiet and unassuming guidance will be sorely missed by us and many others in conflict areas around the world. You were highly respected by many prominent leaders and institutions.

Some of us have known you since the birth of our democracy.  We honour your dedication, selflessness and horrific personal suffering that helped bring about the end of apartheid and liberation of all South Africans. Your role in accomplishing that will be eternally recognised by history.

Above all we laude you for your exceptional humanity, decency, lack of self-interest and integrity. In times to come we will keep on relying on these values that you personified.  ITI will continue with the work that you started with us. We will carry on, conveying the messages to generations to follow.

To Shannon, Sarah, and Kadin our deepest condolences and sympathy. You will stay in our hearts as part of the memory of our beloved Ebie.

On behalf of the Board of In Transformation Initiative

Roelf Meyer                                                                   


Statement by In Transformation Initiative (ITI) on the passing of Ebrahim Ebrahim
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